Today, I spent approximately 3.4 hours waiting.

First, I waited for my children to get ready for school. I walked them to school and then I went in to register myself as a Volunteer for Hearing Screening.

I waited to speak to the woman who was in charge.

I went downstairs to the classroom where I set up the Hearing Screening equipment. I waited for school announcements and “O Canada” to be done.

I waited for the kids to settle down in the Kindergarten room so I can let them know what was going to happen when they came down for Hearing Screening.

For most of the hour and a half I was helping with Hearing Screening, I was waiting for the kids to either be tested or come into the room.

Just before 11 am, I got to come home and do something that I wanted to do.

At lunch time, I waited for my kids to eat lunch. Then we waited until it was time to go back to school.

In the afternoon, I didn’t wait.

I procrastinated a bit until I got into the write headspace to write, and then I wrote.

At 3:12, I got ready to go back to school to get my daughter for piano lessons. I waited a few minutes for her to get ready to go. After I brought her to her lesson, I walked home with my younger boys.

I waited for them to unpack their backpacks to see what kind of work I needed to do.

Then I drove to pick up my daughter. I spent several minutes waiting in traffic. One of the most annoying ways to spend one’s time is waiting in busy traffic.

After everyone was home, I couldn’t work because I have five kids at home. So we looked at some old pictures and videos together until it was time to heat up supper.

We basically live and wait to eat.

I waited 45 seconds for my supper to heat up in the microwave.

I didn’t wait to eat with the boys. I ate with my daughter who needed to eat early so she was ready to go to her Synchronized Swimming practice.

At Synchro, I sat on the sidelines on the pool deck. I might have waited for an hour but I spent that time catching up with my writing group and having an actual conversation with another mom that I knew. This seems rare to me, conversing with adults. I also finished up a Udemy course.

I waited for several long minutes for my daughter to shower and get dressed. I thought about how much I would have loved to do what she’s doing.

When we got home, I waited for the kids to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.

I waited for my son to watch his TV show so I could sit down and write in peace and quiet.

I waited to talk to my teenager about his excessive use of technology. I’m waiting for him to grow up and take responsibility for his actions. I might be dead by the time that happens.

Now, I’m writing and waiting for my word count to hit 500 words.

I’m at 500 NOW.

I wish I could screen shot that for you, but you’ll just have to believe me.

ETA: I edited this and I’m closer to 600 words. Sorry.

When I look back on my day, I think I might have spent more than 3.4 hours waiting. I wait a lot.

I wait a lot for my kids and there’s a way to make waiting enjoyable. Or less torturous would probably be a better way to put it. One thing I do now is work through Udemy courses. I also like to crochet when I’m in the mood. Both are good ways to wait for kids that don’t require too much concentration. You can be interrupted and not want to throttle someone for interrupting you.

Because they can’t wait. Only I can.

Why is that?

I am an expert waiter. Nine months of pregnancy will do that to you.

I won’t make you wait any longer for me to finish this post.

The End.




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