Mom Life, by a 15 year old boy

I’ll write about my day as if I were one of my teenagers.

I woke up early. Like really early. I get up early so I can workout with kettlebells. If I were smart, I would download League of Legends on my laptop and play that instead of working out.


Then I help my youngest three kids get breakfast. I don’t know why I do that because they can do it by themselves. Some kids are so helpless. Kids these days.


One of my kids is really skinny and he like hardly eats anything. It’s so pathetic. My daughter is so weird, I just want to punch her in the face. My youngest kid talks like a baby all the time. My oldest son is awesome. He’s totally a pro and is a pro at League of Legends. He is so strong and I need to buy him a phone. Cell phone, in case you were wondering. My second oldest kid has hair like a girl and needs to get a haircut. And a life.


Then I take my two dogs on a really long walk. Like for an hour and it is so boring. The most boring part of my day. I just want to shoot myself I get so bored.


Then I go home and I do laundry, I guess. Or clean up or whatever. I do Mom stuff.


Then I make lunch for the little kids again and go get them from school. They have to cross a highway, and one time the youngest kid got out of the wagon when he was like two or three years old and I had to run back across the highway to save him. I just about had a heart attack. My oldest son was the one who noticed that he had gotten out of the wagon. That’s why I love him so much.


After lunch, I go home and work, even though what I really should do is watch movies on Netflix all day. That’s what being an adult should really be about. Sometimes I go to the store and buy food that I really want and eat it all before the kids get home. Being an adult is so much fun! Also, I can drive a vehicle and use a credit card. Now that’s what I’m talking about.


I spend the afternoon doing pretty much whatever I want. Then I go and get the little kids from school. I sign their agendas and stuff and then I make supper. I wash the dishes. I hate washing dishes. That’s what I tell my kids, but secretly I love working for my children and cleaning up after them.


After supper, I tease my kids about washing the dishes and then I just make my husband do them instead. He does whatever I say, but I usually don’t ask him to do anything. So he just sit on the computer and yells at the kids.


In the evening, I don’t do a lot. I work on my laptop, or write, or something. I used to go on Facebook but I told my kids I don’t anymore. I can lie if it makes my life easier. That’s another cool thing about being an adult.


I can also go to bed as late as I want. I usually stay up until like midnight and watch movies and stuff. I don’t really work all day long so I don’t need a lot of sleep. If I had to go to school, then I’d need like nine hours of sleep or something. I’m so glad I don’t have to take useless math and go to school anymore.


Signing off for the day.

That’s what I think my 15 year old son thinks of me and my day.


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