Do One Small Thing

What’s broken in the world that needs fixing?


My seven-year-old likes hot chocolate. Sometimes when he makes hot chocolate, he makes huge messes. And he doesn’t clean it up. It’s really annoying.


I hate cleaning up after my children for one main reason: They are old enough to clean up after themselves.


And that’s what is wrong with our world.

People don’t take responsibility for their actions.

They’re always looking for a scape goat. Someone to blame. Someone to clean up their problems or their messes.


People no longer want to face the consequences of their actions. Every day I hear, “But he made me so mad that I had to hit him!” or some variation of that. Usually, “He made me do it!”


My kids blame their siblings for making them mad. Not realizing that only they are in control of their reactions. Not realizing that they don’t have to resort to violence when they’re angry.


Likewise, people in the real world are quick to blame everyone else for their problems.

We blame teacher’s for our kid’s poor grades. They should have made school more interesting.

Or the other kid’s for distracting our child. Or the parent’s of the other kid for not disciplining their child.

We blame the other driver for the accident.

Or the biker who swerved in front of us.

The pedestrian who didn’t look up before crossing the road.

The bad weather or the bad road conditions.

Our neighbour’s for ruining our sleep with their loud music or noisy vehicle.

Or making our yard full of weeds.

Or attracting the racoons by leaving out their garbage all week long.

We blame the government for taking all of our money through taxes.

Or not allowing us access to the programs we think we need.

We blame the doctor’s for not catching it soon enough.

The price of healthy food is too high.

Then we procrastinate.

We’ll start tomorrow. Or Monday. Or January 1st.


What if we would do one small thing? Today. Whether or not we feel like it.

Stop complaining. Stop blaming.

Just do.

One. Little. Thing.


What would happen?


Our lives probably wouldn’t change today or tomorrow. But maybe by next week, something would be different. Perhaps not from outward appearances but inside, internally, we would feel different. We would be taking responsibility for our lives and that would be the beginning of something positive.


Forward movement. Not standing still or moving backwards.

One small thing can change your life. Don’t believe me?

I think about people who have faced hard times and have never give up. Some of them thank yoga, or meditation, or God, or writing, or reading, or one particular chance encounter with a random stranger that changed their lives.

It will never be all of these things together.

It was a desire to see the good in something or pursue the good even though everything around them felt like it was holding them back.

Change starts in your mind. If you train your mind to see all the negative, difficult crap in your life, trust me, it will find it like an owl hunting for a mouse.

If you begin to look for one small bright spot in your day, you will find it. Some days you’ll have to look really hard, especially in the beginning.

But once you truly have the desire to change, seeing the one bright spot in your day gets easier.

Don’t give up. Don’t play the victim.

Take responsibility.

And do one small thing today.


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