Moth Balls – The Final Part

The Ending (Beginning & Middle Yet to come)

Betty sat on her new couch and looked around her new home. The walls were pink and the carpet was green. The siding on the outside of the house was a mustard yellow with white trim that was weathering away.

It was the ugliest house she had ever seen, but it was the best she could do.

Katy came into the living room and plopped down beside her.

“Mom, there’s no carpet on the floor. My feet are cold,” she whined. Teenagers could really turn on the charm when they wanted something.

Betty sighed. It’s true their “new” house was not ideal on so many levels. The fridge hummed loudly and the front door took two minutes to unlock and open. It was ugly. But it was a roof over their heads and a shelter from the elements.

That, and there were no moths. Most importantly, there were no moths.

“Katy, do you know what I like most about this house?”

Katy snorted. “Probably the shag carpet in the living room? I know how much you love green,” she said, dripping with sarcasm.

“I think as soon as we get a lawnmower, I’ll cut it down to size and we can see what’s hiding in this jungle.”

Katy laughed. Her Mom had a talent for making her laugh when she was grumpy. Except for when there were moths in the house. The last two weeks had been absolutely awful and Katy had been ready to run away from her angry Mom. Now that everything was over, life could get back to normal.

“Start a list of things we need to get and we’ll buy them, a few at a time, each week I get my pay cheque. All this…” Betty gestured around with her hands, “has cost us. More than I expected. Our savings are gone but at least we can sit in peace and quiet.” Katy nodded. It could be worse.

The phone rang and Katy got up and walked to the kitchen. Betty heard her answer.


Then a pause. Katy laughed. “Okay, I’ll tell her. Thank you. Bye!”

“Mom, that was Jonathan. He said he dropped by earlier when we were out and left some moth balls in the mailbox. He wanted us to make sure to put them in our closets. Kind of funny. And gross.” She tilted her head.

“But thoughtful.” Katy went to the front door and, after wiggling the doorknob for half a minute, she managed to open the door. “Ugh, maybe it just needs some WD-40!”

Betty groaned and put her head down into her hands. “Write it on the list!” she mumbled.

Grabbing two boxes of mothballs in her hand, Katy walked to her bedroom.

“That’s one closet taken care of!” Betty heard the closet door shut and footsteps toward the master bedroom.

“Mom, haven’t you unpacked your clothes yet?”

“No.” Betty sighed. Moving was not her favourite thing to do. All her clothes were lying on a huge heap on the boxes in her room. Her bed wasn’t set up either.


Betty waited for more words to come out of her talkative daughter’s mouth. But there was only silence. She stood up and walked to her room.

Katy was standing in front of the open closet door and she turned when she heard her Mom. Then Betty saw what had left her daughter speechless. A huge vase filled with what must have been two dozen red roses was sitting on the floor in her closet.

She gasped.

Katy smiled at her. “Hmmmm, the date from hell might have started this whole thing off but maybe you just found your Mr. Perfect!”

Betty laughed. Was Jonathan Mr. Perfect? She’d spent enough time with him over the last two weeks to know that she was willing to find out.

She walked over to the closet and picked up the huge bouquet, turning to set it on the corner of her dresser. She leaned in and inhaled deeply. Roses beat moths every single day.

Even in this ugly, imperfect house, Betty got the feeling that good things were going to happen. And she was ready and waiting for all the good things she could possibly find.


The End.






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