Travel, Golf, and Retirement Goals


I am not a world traveller. I haven’t even had the opportunity to explore my home country from coast to coast…to northern most coast. If you plotted all the places I have been on a map, you see a very small, lop-sided circle.


My Travels

I’ve travelled as far west as British Columbia. Three times. The last two times, I flew — once with my eight-month-old second-born child, and once when pregnant with my third born. I hated flying in a commercial jet. The first time I hugged my baby as instructed during take off and descent. The last time I flew, I was alone. And I cried during take off and tried not to panic during the rest of the flight.

The farthest east I have been was a family trip to the neighbouring province of Ontario. I was in grade nine, I believe, and my small family of four travelled with my Grandma to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin who were living there for a few years. It was a fun trip. I don’t remember a lot of it, but it was beautiful driving through the Canadian Shield and mining for amethyst.

The farthest south I have been is Kansas City. About five years ago, my husband, five children and I drove down to Kansas City. I met up with two friends, both of whom I met online! We went in July and Kansas was hot. Very hot. I know now that I should never complain about the weather here in Manitoba. Except in winter, of course.

And the farthest north I have travelled is probably only a few hours from where I currently live, and that’s easily within my home province.


Dreaming of Mexico

There was a time in 1995 when I thought I would be travelling. For real. My friend had won a trip to go to Mexico. A fully paid trip for a week at an all inclusive resort. She asked me to go with her. I got my Passport and everything I needed. But I ended up cancelling about a month before hand. My Mom was dying of cancer and it was my last chance to spend more than a day with her.

I don’t regret staying home. But it’s hard not to think about how amazing Mexico would have been in February.


If I Could Travel Anywhere In the World…

My dream trip would be anywhere with an ocean front beach cabin. The Maldives, Turks and Caicos, Bali, or Australia. There are a lot of places I don’t even know about that I would love to go to.

I’d also love to climb some mountains. Nothing high or difficult and definitely nothing requiring crazy mountain climbing equipment.

I wouldn’t mind taking a trek through a dessert or a rain forest, but I wouldn’t want to meet any poisonous snakes.


Golf Around the World

A few years ago, I saw a calendar with the world’s most beautiful golf courses. I decided that once my kids were grown up and out of the house, I would golf my way around the world. I’d love to travel to Scotland and Ireland to golf by the ocean. I think it would be a great adventure to visit as many golf courses as possible.


And now that I’ve done Stand Up Paddleboarding for the first time this summer, I would also love to go to all the beaches I could possibly find and SUP at all of them. I could see myself, a silvery haired grandma, stand up paddleboarding all over the world. Yes, that makes me very happy. 🙂

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