Finishing 500 Words a Day

I finished. I made it.

I wrote 500 — or more — words almost every day for 31 days.

Honestly, some people would be thrilled to complete this challenge and yes, I admit that I am proud of myself. However, it was the act of publishing post that was the hardest part for me — not the writing. I could write about nonsense for days on end.

You may not like it, but it makes me happy.

My writing voice is still not polished. I should spend more time outlining instead of hardly outlining at all. And the moment I think that I want to encourage women to take care of their bodies and exercise at home, I end up in a rant about parenting.

One thing I am not and never will be is perfect.

My writing is not perfect. My parenting is not perfect. Everything about me is imperfect. I’m not scared to admit that.

What does scare me is when someone else thinks that I’m trying to be perfect. How do I know? Well, actually I don’t. Not once in my time as an online fitness trainer has anyone ever made a rude comment about anything I’ve posted or written.

I assume far too much as far as other people’s opinions of me is concerned. I wonder if I’m alone in that.

Do you ever assume that other people are thinking negatively about you even though they don’t do or say anything?

Maybe you interpret their lack of comments on something you say or do as disapproval or even personal dislike. I can understand that if I’m talking to someone face to face.

If we’re sitting down and having coffee and I ask you, “How do you like my new haircut?” and you don’t say anything, I’m probably justified in thinking you don’t like it.

However, if I post a picture of my new haircut on Facebook and wait for everyone to comment or like and only ten percent of the people on my friends list responds, I may assume that everyone hates my hair! Wah!

What if…they didn’t see your post?

It does happen, you know. And there could be 101 reasons why they didn’t see it.

Maybe they had to take a child to the ER.

Maybe their phone or computer died and they haven’t been on Facebook for days. How odd, right? People do survive without Facebook. So strange.

Or maybe they’re just taking a social media vacation. Good for them!

Instead of waiting around and checking to see who did — or didn’t, how dare they! — like or comment on your latest Instagram or whatever picture, go live your life.

Sounds harsh, I know, but trust me on this. Rather than waiting around for other’s approval or your perceived lack of their disapproval, go do something fun that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the time for. Let’s not get started on the lack of time thing, ok?


This summer, I took the time to try several new things I had been wanting to do for years!


One was a CrossFit workout. Cross check.



One was boxing. Check the box. Not good if you have plantar fasciitis, FYI.




My favourite was Stand Up Paddleboarding. Oh my goodness, the best of…everything!

Oh yeah, and kayaking! I didn’t get a picture of my son and I on the water. Because water and cell phones are not a good combination.

And the last one was practicing my golf swing. Mini check.

Oh look, only one like? Everyone must hate me!!

But wait! I had fun! Therefore I win!!

As you can see, I proudly displayed all of my accomplishments on social media. I didn’t do it for the love. I did because I wanted to encourage other women to go out and try the things they’ve always wanted to do.


I did it. I survived a CrossFit workout. I went kayaking on the Red River. I now know how to SUP. I practiced my golf game and gave boxing a shot.

And I finished the 500 Words a Day challenge! Yes!



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