There’s An App For That!

I like to listen to a variety of podcasts when I walk my dogs each morning. I listen to podcasts on writing, podcasts on parenting, and podcasts about life in general.

One of my favourite podcasts is Note to Self. The host, Manoush, a mom just like me, says at the beginning of each episode that it’s “a tech show about being human.” Cool, I get that. (but did I get the byline right? I suddenly feel like my brain has shamed me!)

Cool, I get that. (but did I get that byline right? I suddenly feel like my brain has failed me!)

Technology feels like it has taken over our lives, right? And when you have teenagers who think they *have to have* cell phones and laptops to stay connected – or maybe just play games 23 hours a day, it kinda gets me overwhelmed.

Anyway, Manoush has opened my eyes to a lot in the tech world that I knew nothing about. Like privacy. If you’re not sure how to – or if you should – protect your online identity, take a listen to some of her previous podcasts.

Like privacy. If you’re not sure how to – or if you should – protect your online identity, take a listen to some of her previous podcasts. Lots of great information.

Anyway, right around Mother’s Day, the Note to Self team put out a podcast mini-series about two women – two busy moms – who created an app to help other busy Moms Do It All.

Honestly, I only listened to the first two and a half episodes. I got to the part where one of the moms is feeling overwhelming guilt because her daughter has told her point blank, “I want you to spend more time with me.”

Hmmmm, what’s a busy mom to do?

Of course, it’s a catch-22. Right?

A mom working hard to make an app to make her mom-work-life balance more manageable. So this app is supposed to do things like help her schedule child care.

Organize supper.

Help with grocery shopping – maybe online ordering?

Help her keep track of all the events on the family calendar and make sure she does not miss a single one.

Bottom line, the purpose of the app is to help busy working moms who are struggling to do it all.

Now, I’m not down on working moms. First of all, because all moms work, whether or not you get paid. But that’s beside the point.

Career women.

I’m not exactly a career woman. I’m a 41-year-old woman – with 5 kids – who has tried to make a living from working at home – and has suffered for it. Physically and mentally.

I know I’m not alone.

There are moms younger than me who are completely burned out and they’re also feeling the negative effects. Then again, there are women older than me that probably do far more than I do and seem to be just fine.

But as I get older, I’m finding how women in my circle are feeling the physical effects of the pressure to do All The Things.

I also listen to a health podcast called “Better Everyday” by Dr. Brooke and Sara Fragoso. Both Sara and Brooke have dealt with the physical side effects of pushing themselves too hard. Trying to do too much. They know firsthand the ill-effects of being Too Busy. It’s not pretty. It’s not fun.

If you constantly tired and you can no longer recover from a late night or a few drinks or a hard workout like you used to, you’re not alone!

This is common but should it be normal?

Moms. Why do we feel like we have to do it all?

Don’t you think that if we’re looking for an app to “help us”, maybe we’re…dare I say it, Just Too Busy?

I get that a lot of women want to have the career And the family.

But at what price? Your health?

If you keep up a frantic pace, eventually you will crash and burn.

In my eyes, it’s not worth it.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. But let this be my little, “I told you so.”

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